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Crime Prevention Tips

Security checks

Police departments in north Mecklenburg provide special "security checks" for residences and businesses -- at no charge -- upon request. Security checks are typically used to help insure the safety of a home or business when the owner is out of town for a known period of time, such as during a vacation. Police will periodically visit the home or office during the designated period to make sure the integrity of the premises has been maintained.

To find out more about security checks in your town, follow these directions:

Cornelius: The Cornelius Police Department offers security checks based on availability. To apply for a security check from CPD, go to; or call CPD at 704-892-1362.

Davidson: A form for security checks is available at the Town of Davidson website ( Contact the police department directly for information at 704-892-5131.

Huntersville: Complete HPD's security check form at the link 24 hours of planned departure.  HPD will do its best to periodically check the residence during the specified time period.  Be sure to include emergency contact information and details on lighting, other persons and vehicles that might be located at the location when the police check on your residence.

Neighborhood Watch

Good crime prevention starts at home and few organizations are more helpful to police than Neighborhood or Business Watch groups. When properly organized, these organizations provide training to make neighbors aware of their responsibility, and ability, to prevent crimes simply by keeping their eyes open for warning signs and/or suspicious activity. Watch organizations are inexpensive and are not time consuming, although some time must be invested if there are to be successful.

To find out more about forming a Neighborhood or Business Watch organization in your community or business locale, contact your local department. Appropriate contacts are listed below:

Cornelius: Contact CPD at 704-892-1363 for more information.

Davidson: Contact DPD at 704-892-5131 for more information.

Huntersville: Contact HPD at 704-464-5400 for more information.

Prevent crime, lock your car!

Larceny from vehicles remains north Mecklenburg's number one crime -- and the number one place where local citizens can prevent crime. Local police officials offer these reminders:

  • Always lock your car (holidays or not!)
  • Don't leave packages (or other valuables) in the open inside your car.
  • If possible, avoid carrying packages to your car and then returning to stores for more shopping. Criminals are on the lookout for this kid of activity as it alerts them to especially juicy targets.
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when exiting or entering your vehicle in a commercial parking lot.

For more information on fighting crime, contact your local police department.